Using Responsive Drupal Themes

Responsive web design is the approach where your website (ie. your Drupal theme) is designed in such a way that it alters its design and layout to accommodate viewing on different devices. For example, the design may include a large background image when viewed on a full size computer, but that image is dropped, it responds, when viewing it on a tablet device or smartphone.

Can a Drupal Website Replace the Yellow Pages?

That's more or less what Staring's Pest and Rodent Control would like to accomplish. The phone book is very costly and the generation that's interested in using it is dying out. Younger home owners are more likely to Google "pest control mycityhere" to find a pest control company. In the interest of keeping up with the times, they have been working very closely with Advanced Web Design to improve their online visibility.

Tea Shop Website

Woodstock Tea Shop has just been converted from a static website to a content management website with full e-commerce through Ubercart running on Drupal. This was a very rewarding project - working with a very motivated client with a existing customer base.

We were able to keep the general design concept and convert it, with improvements, to a Drupal theme. Most of the work was in developing the e-commerce portion of the website and importing existing products. That's a lot of tea!