REPRISE: What is Your Website's Purpose?

The first thing you should notice about the headline above, is that the word "purpose" is in the singular. And for this discussion, we are focusing on corporate or business-type websites. There should only be one main purpose of your website. All the design, information, functionality, etc. of your website - everything - should be focused on your main purpose. Let's examine what that purpose could be:

What is Drupal?

This is a nice sales pitch for Drupal in General. It is done very nicely - clearly and succinctly. Sometimes it is difficult to explain what Drupal is to a non-technical user. There are a couple good aspects explained here.

Website Content is Still Relevant

Today I received an email about copywriting services. It reminded me of the importance of writing good content for one's website. Good content has two major effects, neither more important than the other. Website Content Search The first effect that most people would focus on is search engine optimization. The second, often neglected benefit is visitor conversions - getting visitors to purchase a product, pick up the phone, or download the report - whatever reaction is desired. In actuality, both of these go hand in hand.