Tea Shop Website

Woodstock Tea Shop has just been converted from a static website to a content management website with full e-commerce through Ubercart running on Drupal. This was a very rewarding project - working with a very motivated client with a existing customer base.

We were able to keep the general design concept and convert it, with improvements, to a Drupal theme. Most of the work was in developing the e-commerce portion of the website and importing existing products. That's a lot of tea!

We started with a generic image photo since there weren't any individual product images. The client was able to take pictures of her teas, with a digital camera, and upload them on her own. The payments are taken through a merchant account that she already has. Using her current shipping account, we can provide shipping quotes.

When the website was completed, it was neat to watch the orders come flowing in. This is not typical of a brand new e-commerce website, but in this case, there were already customers "at the door."