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Advanced Web Design has been using Drupal to design and develop great websites before it was cool. There is no reason why you too can't have a great-looking, modern website. (Modile friendly too!) Our small team puts this within your reach by saving a lot of time, money and hassle. Want that personal touch? Don't have tens of thousands of dollars laying around? Still want a great website? Consider the many possibilities of a Drupal website.

Complete a Website Inspection

So you have a brand new website to launch? Inspect it first. Nothing is more embarrassing than starting to promote your website only to find it riddled with errors, or the login process is difficult for users, or the navigation is problematic. There are many ways a website can go wrong. But with a keen eye and a little patience, renegade errors can be headed off at the pass. Here are some areas that need to be looked into before your website goes live, in no particular order.

Evaluate Your Website's Competition

Who is my website competition? More specifically, what other websites would people want to (1) visit, or (2) search for that are selling the same thing I am? The first link in the chain of logic is, "What am I selling on my website?" A service? A product? Information? This question must be answered first. That seems easy enough, though it is possible to become confused. Let's take a look:

Wix.com Review

I heard about Wix.com, on the radio, advertising free websites with beautiful designs. So my alter ego and I registered for an account and started a free website. I would like to share with you what I found out.

Wix.com Home Page