Web Hosting Recommendations

We no longer directly offer web hosting services. The industry has improved since we first opened our doors - there are a lot of good hosting companies that provide great service for a small fraction of the price of that we could offer. Here is a handy comparison of our recommended web hosting companies:


In Motion

Blue Host

Host Gator

Starting Price:  $7.99  $5.99 $3.96
Billing Cycle: 1 Year Up Front 3 Years Up Front 3 Years Up Front
Storage Limit:  Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Limit:  Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
Email Addresses:  Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
Free Marketing Credits:  Yes  Yes Yes
VPS Hosting:  Available  Not Available Available
Dedicated Hosting:  Available  Not Available Available
# of Websites:  2  Unlimited 1
cPanel Access:  Yes  Yes Yes
Guarantee:  90 Days  30 Days 45 Days
Notes:  Built in e-Commerce Features  Cancel Account Anytime Free Domain for Life

What Web Host Should I Go With?

NOTE: InMotion Hosting is having a summer sale. All plans are 38% off.

All of these companies will perform reasonably well for a Drupal website. We recommend InMotion because they have virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated hosting services should the need arise, as well as excellent customer reviews. BlueHost is a good company and offers a slight savings for the small website. Host Gator is gets good reviews and offers a good startup price. Upgrading is a little more expensive with them.

What Web Host Should I Avoid?

We do not recommend hosting services provided by domain registrars such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions. They are far to slow and stingy with the resources needed for a content management system such as Drupal. Also, do not be fooled by "free" hosting offers. They offer you this by putting ads on your website. Not only does this look unprofessional, the script serving the ad can interfere with your website in unexpected ways.

Web Hosting Reviews

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