What's Your Approach?

Advanced Web Design is a more than a design company. We develop attractive and highly-functional websites. Consider our five-step approach to developing a great website.

  • Gathering Content
  • Designing the Layout
  • Installing the Software
  • Put it all Together
  • Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Step 1: Start With Rich Content

Advanced Web Design invites your direct participation in preparing content for your website. We recommend that you have at least ten pages of interesting content. Yes ... more is better. No ... we don't charge by the page. These "ten pages" do not include the home page, contact form, site map or other more utilitarian pages. A variety of good information will appeal to your visitors as well as the search engines. In fact, content is key to a successful website. And you'll have the ability to add more as you go.

Step 2: We'll Create the Design

Next, Advanced Web Design will create a design concept for you to look at integrating your content with appealing graphics from illustrations, photographs or your current publications. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback. This is a good time to make hosting arrangements with us or another company, if you haven't done so already.

Step 3: Install & Develop the Software

We'll setup your content management system and any required applications. This will be a simple and easy step if your only want a small website. Or it can take a few weeks if you want a custom developed web application. It will be developed real-time so that you may participate in the feedback loop.

Step 4: Then Tie Up the Loose Ends

After testing the functionality, Advanced Web Design will apply your design template. If you haven't done so already, your domain will be registered and set up. How does it look? Are you happy with the finished product? Finally, we'll make an appointment for a final training session.

Step 5: Find Some Visitors

Now all you have to do it get someone to visit your web site. Advanced Web Design can work with you to submit your web site to the important search engines and directories. Beginning at step one, we've kept search engine success in mind while developing your website. Don't forget about advertising your web site in traditional media, business cards and stationery!