Everyone knows that keywords contribute to your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings, but did you know that balance can trump quantity?

How do I know?

I have ranked pages in the top 10 of Google with no substantive textual content, just by balancing keywords on each page. These pages have proved to be impervious to the infamous Jagger update.

What you should do:

Weave your keywords throughout each page carefully. Stick to one keyword or keyword phrase per page. Don’t forget to mention your chosen target phrase in each of the following places - once in the title, once in a first level heading, once in one or more sub-headings, once in a meta description, once in the meta keywords, once in an internal link, once in an outgoing link, once in your breadcrumbs and sprinkled naturally throughout the text. Don't forget about alt attributes! Use bold and italics on your keywords for easy reading and emphasis as well as SEO.