We try to provide content that will be interesting to our visitors, but did you try to provide content that is interesting to search engines?
How do I know?

How do I know?

Once I got over my “About Us” syndrome, and started writing real content, and preparing articles and resources, I started getting hits like gang-busters.

What you should do:

Start writing about the topics that relevant to what you’re trying to sell. Write articles, reviews, tip sheets, etc. Not only will visitors love it, but search engines will eat it up too. Create a resource with your website that gets more specific the further you drill down. This will reinforce your website’s theme and rank you higher in the SERPs. Consider the difference between:


What does this tell about your website? Or:

Web Design
--Web Design Services
-----Small Business Web Design Services
-----E-commerce Web Design Services
-----Realty Web Design Services
--Web Design Tips
-----Web Design Layout Tips
-----Web Design Color Tips
-----Web Design Style Tips

Which website will rank higher for web design and web design services?