Website Translation

Why Should I Translate My Web Site? Is There Really an Advantage?

Clear communication is the key to success in the growing global community. In fact, communication is widely regarded as the primary function of the Internet. The most obvious way to reach a global market with your web site is to have your content translated into one or more
foreign languages. An easy way to increase the market for your product is to appeal to an international audience. The Internet makes this possible like never before. While English is still the universal language, research shows that more than half of Internet users speak a language other than English. There's amazing potential to tap into a
foreign market if you are able to communicate effectively in another

Are There Any Tricks to Choosing a Good Translation Service?

Several translation services provide specialized solutions for web site translation. For example, Applied Language Solutions Website Translation offers high quality translation and excellent prices for all file types including HTML, XML, ASP, etc. They also have a free translation tool. Things to look for in a translation service are:

  • Accurate translation
  • Flexibility in translating a variety of file formats
  • Awareness of cultural, political and social situations
  • Knowledge of appropriate expressions and terminology
  • Translation of textual graphics and coordinating publications
  • Employment of qualified, human translators

How Do I Promote My Translated Web Site?

Consider using different subdomains for each language version. For instance, use the subdomain for a Spanish language version. This will make it easier for your translated website to be promoted separately. There are regional directories where the appropriate language version of your web site may be included. Make sure you have links to the other languages on each
page. Then once you have a link to your main domain name, the search engines will spider those links and find your translated version as well.