How Important is Search Engine Optimization?

It all depends on your website and your goals. You may be able to get away with web or print advertising and search results don't matter to you. But one thing is certain; if your website is search engine friendly, it is also user friendly. Good search engine optimization also leads to more conversion. In other words, when people hit your website, they will pick up the phone or hit the button - whatever action you want them to take. For example:

  • If Google likes your page title, your visitors will find it clear as well
  • If your links are meaningful, your visitors will know what they're clicking on as well
  • If you have a lot of informative content, your visitors will think you're an expert as well
  • If Google sees all of your posts and reviews across the web, your visitors will think you're on top of things as well
  • If your website is well laid out, your visitors will be able to find things as well

You get the picture!