Our First Drupal 5.0 Website

Here it is:

Isn't she cute....so far. She's not done.

This is my first offering based on Drupal 5.0RC1. It sports the contributed Image module and the Front Page module but not much else that isn't core.
How was my experience as a web developer different as a result of using the newest version of Drupal?

I can honestly say that I saved myself 2 or 3 hours of labor just in the initial setup of the website. (No more going over budget for free? she wonders...) Firstly, I didn't have to PuTTY in to setup the database. Neither did I have to install phpMyAdmin or the DBA module to install tables for other modules.

Block Title Config pet peeve: I didn't have to screw around to get block titles to be in title case. I could change them to anything I wanted. Yippee!

It's the little things in life, ya know...