E-commerce Websites

A while ago, Advanced Web Design made the move to become an all Drupal shop. This was in part because of the launch of Ubercart, an e-commerce platform based on Drupal. Ubercart has since gone defuct, being replaced by Drupal Commerce.

Are You Ready for E-commerce?

You may be wondering if the jump to an e-commerce website is right for you. It is very important to talk to as many people as possible - web professionals, credit card and shipping companies, potential employees and customers - to get all the information you need up front. There are many costs involved; all angles must be considered - not just the technical ones!

E-commerce is Hard Work

Ask yourself this: are you prepared to commit to the time and energy involved in working and maintaining an e-commerce business? The Internet is not a replacement for hard work and dedication. The good news is that an e-commerce website does many things for the business owner:

  • Lowers the cost of entry vs. a brick and mortar operation
  • Expands your market beyond the distance easily traveled by car
  • Provides a venue to educate the consumer in addition to sales
  • Enables the sale of novel products, including virtual products

E-commerce with Drupal and Übercart

Advanced Web Design develops e-commerce websites with the Übercart system run on the Drupal platform. This brings the best of both worlds into play - easy to use, modern e-commerce features and the functionality available with a full content management system. Contact us to day for more information.