Drupal Review

Drupal is an open-source, PHP-based content management system. Drupal offers web sites a broad range of features and multi-user administration, community discussion and news aggregation. There are many other features made possible through contributions from the Drupal community.

Why Should I Use Drupal for My Content Management System?

Drupal offers about as many features as the average webmaster would want to use. The end-user interface is simple and straight-forward. Some of the pre-packaged design templates are very nice as well. From a web developers point of view, the modular code structure makes for easy customizations. A Drupal web site can be powerful, unique and attractive.

Can I Expect to Get Adequate Support From the Drupal Community?

The Drupal support page outlines several sources of support from a chat channel to professional programming references. The web site also features extensive written documentation. Installation, customization and development support resources are available in the Drupal Forums.

What Will My Web Site Look Like if I Choose to Use the Drupal CMS?

Perhaps one of the best features about the Drupal content management system is the ability to customize the look and feel of your web site. There are web site templates available at the Drupal Theme Garden. You may be pleased with one of these pre-developed designs. Otherwise, a good web designer can work with the template system to create a great-looking custom design.

Is There Any Reason That I Should Not Choose to Use Drupal for My Web Site?

If you wish to set up a content management system yourself and you do not have PHP and HTML skills, Drupal is not your best choice. Whereas the finished product is user-friendly, the Drupal implementation is geared more to the web developer. Adding features to the system isn't that simple either. Some of the contributions take a bit of "help" to work properly. This is expected to improve in the future as more features are permanently added to the core system.