Website Templates

There are always the do-it-yourself types. If you are one who prefers to save some cash by implementing your own website, then using pre-designed website templates may be your cup of tea. Professional web designers may also wish to use a website template in order to save money for a client.

Buying Templates

If you buy a template, there are many factors to consider:

  • What format is the template in? HTML? PhotoShop?
  • Will I be able to use the editor of my choice?
  • Will I need to make further customizations?
  • Will I be able to insert my content easily?
  • Am I purchasing the copyright or will other folks be able to buy the same design after me?

Open Source Templates

Free is our friend. If you are looking for the ultimate in “cheap” website templates, check out Open Source Web Design or Open Source Templates.

Content Management Systems

A good way to get a website with a decent pre-designed template wrapped around it is to use a content management system. Our recommended platform Drupal has quite the template gallery – though the project’s official terminology is theme gallery. Xoops also has a nice gallery of templates, although the main page looks awful. When choosing a content management system, template, theme or skin design – whatever the nomenclature - could be a large factor in your decision.