Home Builder's Website

We have launched a new Drupal website featuring multiple image galleries with extensive use of the Imagecache module. Little Deer & Co. is a local home building company that specializes in luxury homes. This is the first website developed for them.

The process was a little rocky at first because there was not a clear design goal in mind. Another company was in the process of developing branding materials, but had not finished them. Compounding the issue was the fact that advertising was coming out soon and the website needed to be done quickly. This is why it's very important to plan ahead when creating or redesigning a website. Also, if multiple parties are involved, they should all be in contact with one another.

Now that it's finished, we are proud to have it in our portfolio. The look and feel are a perfect match for the new logo that was designed for them. Images are presented in an elegant way, which showcases the beautiful homes and interiors. It was implemented in such a way as to make everyday maintenance simple enough for the end user.

Additional help was provided to the client in the form of setting up Google services such as Analytics and Places to improve visibility.