Drupal Vs. Wordpress?

Here is an article discussing the improvements of both Drupal and Wordpress. Originally, I thought it would be more of a "battle" because of the title. However, it is an accurate run down of "what's new" on the two platforms.

In my estimation, Wordpress has come further towards being a complete solution instead of just for blogs. However, that remains their strength and core of users. Drupal is more of a full fledged application framework and serves the professional web developer (like Advanced Web Design) much better.

We have been using Drupal since... was it 2003? 2004? Has it been that long? And we watched it mature into a stable, user-friendly, full-featured yet elegant, content management system. After trying and evaluating different systems over the years, we kept coming back to Drupal as the best solution for the websites we develop.